Sunday, March 23, 2008

Laissez-faire and Soviet Central Planning....When do we Stop with the Extremist Experiments?

Its actually stunning to comtemplate. It took a mere 9 years, post Glass-Steagall, an absolute grain of sand in time, for the Laissez-faire extremists experiment in going beyond deregulation to effectively no regulation, to bring the most economically successful capitalist system in the history of mankind to require a public bailout of one of their weak to avoid a potential meltdown and collapse.

In fact, the failure of extreme "hands off" unregulated Laissez-faire has been so complete that less then a full decade into their grand experiment in the "New Era" of High Finance, the bankers are reduced to begging for various forms of bailouts that would seem more Soviet Central planning then free market. Its kind of sad to comtemplate that at the opposite end of extremism, in another miserably failed attempt to go against the very basics of human nature, the Soviet Union was able to make it for almost 70 years, starting from a much weaker base to work with!

Getting back to the present, to those that are continuing the mantra of "do not regulate", what is it you are exactly proposing as the alternative going forward? Its not even the treasured Lazy, oops I mean Laissez, Faire, as that was gone anyways, once the public bailouts began...Laissez-faire finance sat on a wall, Laissez-faire finance had a great fall , all Ayn Rand's horses and all Ayn Rand's men couldn't put Laissez-faire finance together again.

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